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    Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are available in different forms and sizes. You can find motorhomes, travel trailers, campers, fifth wheels etc. Owning such vehicles can be exciting and provide a superb way to go to different places in the country, but they also need a huge investment, and they should be treated properly. RV insurance may be mandatory or optional depending on the kind of recreational vehicle you have. Laws may vary from one state to another, therefore you should seek to know what applies to you.

    Cases where RV insurance is generally needed

    You will be required to have an RV insurance policy given that:

    1. The RV you own is a motorhome (class A or B): Legally speaking, most states require Motorhomes to have liability insurance, if they are being driven on the roads. Full coverage is usually optional in some cases, but it does not mean that you should choose to opt-out. Keep in mind the value of your recreational vehicle vs the odds to choose if your financial status can support the expense of self-insuring the motorhome in the event of physical damage. Given that your vehicle is like your main home, it is very important to opt for extra insurance cover.

    2. Your RV is financed by lenders: these vehicles are obligated to have full coverage as the lenders demand reimbursement on the loan in the vent that a loss occurs. If you opt-out of taking an insurance cover, the lender is allowed to take out an insurance policy on the financed RV and give you the bill.

    3. The RV is a rental: a rental vehicle is your responsibility when it’s in your possession, therefore it is vital to ensure you have an insurance cover for it.

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    Cases where RV insurance is optional

    1. RV is towable and cannot be driven (class C): this is inclusive of travel trailers, campers, and fifth wheels. Liability insurance is in general extended from your auto insurance to your recreational vehicle while you tow it.

    2. Loan-Free RV: given that you own the RV outright with no financing from lenders, RV insurance is optional given that the vehicle has no loan on it and it cannot be driven (just towable). Motorhome insurance may not be optional unless you stay in a state that does not require insuring of RVs.

    US Independent Insurance Agency LLC, Virginia offers RV insurance coverage options. Call them today to know more.


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