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    Commercial Insurance

    Looking for commercial insurance for your l business? Most entrepreneurs in OH, PA, MD, KS, NC and VA employ hundreds of workers. Small businesses play a significant role in the local gross domestic product.US Independent Insurance Agency LLC protects firms against accidents and work injuries.

    We have vast experience in the insurance industry.

    Our Commercial Insurance Policies

    US Independent Insurance offers different insurance policies including:

    General Liability Coverage

    In OH, PA, MD, KS, NC and VA, each enterprise requires liability insurance. It covers you if your staff cause bodily injury and property damage to another pays for medical expenses and repair costs.

    Property Insurance

    A standard property insurance policy covers your business personal property such as computers, equipment, and inventory against fire, theft and vandalism.US Independent Insurance offers a discount if you include business interruption coverage in your property insurance policy. It protects you against income loss in case your business operations halt due to extensive damage.

    Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

    An ordinary business owner’s insurance comprises crime coverage, liability insurance, business interruption coverage, vehicle insurance, and property coverage. You can customize your BOP to suit your firm’s needs. Generally, it is cheaper than buying individual policies.

    Additional Commercial Coverage

    Officers and Directors Coverage

    US Independent Insurance protects your firm’s officers and directors against mistakes that may adversely affect your operations. In case a director is sued for negligence, the insurance will cover all the legal fees.

    Data Breach Protection

    Your investment might have sensitive information about your customers and employees in its computers. If someone hacks into your servers, they can easily access that information. Data Breach coverage protects you against data loss.

    Workers’ Compensation

    An employee can get injured at their workplace. Workers’ compensation provides medical benefits and salary replacement to injured employees. The law requires you to purchase workers’ compensation for W2 workers.

    Commercial insurance is necessary for all businesses in OH, PA, MD, KS, NC and VA. It protects you against income loss and lawsuits due to work-related accidents.US Independent Insurance Agency LLC offers a wide array of commercial coverage options. Contact our Virginia office for a free consultation.


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