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    If you live in a rented home, you need to protect yourself and your personal property. Besides, many large and medium size rental properties require tenants to have a renter’s insurance. If you damage the premises, or property belonging to other tenants, you will be protected by renter’s insurance. At US Independent Insurance Agency LLC in Virginia, we help our clients have access to renter’s insurance. We have a great rapport with many insurance companies, and we understand the needs of the locals. Below are some of the coverages that can be found in a renter’s insurance policy.

    • Personal property coverage: If what you own is stolen or damaged, replacing it can be too expensive. This coverage reimburses you if you lose your personal belongings.
    • Personal property coverage may not include everything you own. If you own valuables like jewelry, articles or other expensive things, it is important to make sure they are included as you purchase your policy.
    • Liability coverage: This coverage protects you if a guest is injured at your rented home. It also protects you if another person’s property is damaged while at your place. It pays for medical bills for the injuries, and the property destroyed. If you are sued, it will meet the cost of the lawsuit. Many rental properties include in their lease agreement that tenants have this coverage.
    • Additional living expenses: The property you rent can undergo damage to the point of being inhabitable. At such a time, you will need a place to stay while repairs are being made to your rented home. This coverage meets the additional living costs at such a time.

    Renters insurance does not cover the building as the owner of the building has a policy protecting his building. The property owner’s policy does not extend to tenants. This makes it important to have renter’s insurance. If you are in Virginia, call or visit us at US Independent Insurance Agency LLC and our agents will help you acquire a policy that fits your lifestyle.


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