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    ondo insurance coverage is bought to guard your possessions as well as any upgrades that have been done to your condominium unit, together with protecting you in the event that you ruin any other units, or if somebody gets injured while visiting your condo unit. Insuring your condo is optional, but it is worth considering protecting yourself and your possessions.

    If you are looking to protect your property, you can contact US Independent Insurance Agency LLC, Virginia to know more.

    Do I require a separate insurance policy for my condo unit?

    You may ask yourself why you need to purchase a separate insurance policy for your unit yet the overall condominium building is already insured. The difference is that the building insurance policy normally covers only the common areas in the building like the lobby, lift, and gymnasium, but doesn’t cover the personal belongings of the owners.

    Other than needing the insurance to guard your financial security, as an owner of a condominium you may be responsible for some big repairs. The reason being that condo declaration typically have set rules that say if the loss started in your unit, e.g a pipe bursts where you live and spread to other apartments, you may be held responsible for the whole building’s insurance cover deductibles, which could be a huge sum, and you may also have to cover the cost of repairing the damage. A personal insurance policy can protect you in such a case.

    Knowing the sort of condo insurance you require can be a bit complicated, but US Independent Insurance Agency LLC, Virginia can help you get the best policy that caters to your personal needs.

    Coverage options

    A condo insurance cover can offer protection against several things such as:

    • All-risk cover: protects your belongings and improvements made to your unit against a variety of risks.
    • Contents insurance policy: protects your possessions against loss resulting from common risks.
    • Improvements cover: it covers all the improvements made to your unit.
    • Personal liability insurance: protects you in the case someone is injured in your unit, or you damage someone else’s property.
    • Replacement cost insurance policy: contents in your condo unit are covered for the sum it costs to do a replacement for them.
    • Extra living expenses cover: helps you to cater for reasonable and meaningful expenses in the case you are made to vacate your apartment following an insured risk.
    • Loss assessment cover: applies when you share responsibilities with other people for a shared property.

    US Independent Insurance Agency LLC, Virginia offers insurance policies. Contact them to know more.


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