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    Motorcycle insurance pays to repair or replace your motorcycle in the event it is damaged or stolen. The insurance also covers your injuries when you get hurt in an accident. Motorcycle insurance covers perils such as theft, accidents, fires, animals, vandalism, falling objects, fixed objects, and hail.

    US Independent Insurance Agency LLC writes motorcycle insurance in OH, PA, MD, KS, NC and VA states.

    Our motorcycle insurance coverage options

    Personal injury coverage

    Personal injury coverage pays for your medical expenses after an accident. It also covers lost wages caused by the inability to work as you recover. The coverage also caters for the cost of medical expenses for your passengers regardless of who was at fault.

    Liability coverage

    This coverage pays for damages incurred by the other party in an accident. Liability coverage is divided into bodily injury and property damage. Bodily injury coverage pays for the bodily injury you cause other people in an accident. If you are legally liable for the property damage of another person in an accident, this insurance cover will cater to that damage.

    Comprehensive coverage

    Comprehensive insurance covers your bike when it is in storage. It pays for damage to your motorcycle caused through non-collision accidents. Some non-collision accidents include falling objects, hail, fires, vandalism, theft and animals.

    Collision coverage

    Collision coverage pays to repair your motorcycle after an accident. Such accidents may include collision with a vehicle, another motorcycle or hitting a pothole. If you live in a busy neighborhood, this coverage will come in handy for you. Also, remember that liability insurance does not pay to repair your motorcycle, which makes it vital to include collision coverage in your policy.

    US Independent Insurance Agency LLC is dedicated to affording OH, PA, MD, KS, NC and VA residents flexible and affordable motorcycle insurance solutions. Our coverage options can be tailor-made to suit individual needs and preferences. Also, our well-trained agents help you make informed decisions as you select your coverage options. Visit our website today to see our other insurance options and get a free quote.


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