Home Insurance

Home insurance offers one of the best ways to safeguard your most valuable investment. Home insurance provides a financial buffer against losses due to theft, accidents and other insured perils. US Independent Insurance Agency LLC offers home insurance in OH, PA, MD, KS, and VA.

Our home insurance coverage options

Home structure

This coverage pays to rebuild or repair your home when it is damaged by fire, hail, lightning or a covered cause of loss. Ensure your coverage is large enough to cover the approximated cost of repair or rebuilding.

Personal property

Personal property coverage pays to replace damaged or destroyed personal items. These could include sporting gear, furniture, electronics, and clothes. However, there are set limits of liability on certain items.

Secondary structures

This insurance covers the damages to detached structures within your property. Such structures include the fence, shed, detached garages and storage units.

Additional living expenses

Additional living expenses pay for the extra cost of living away from your home due to its being uninhabitable. It covers the costs above your usual living expenses while your home is under repair. It pays for alternative accommodation, food and storage space for your belongings.

Personal liability

This coverage ensures you against lawsuits arising from property damage or bodily injury to other people. It also caters for the damage your children and pets cause. The cover also pays for the resulting legal expenses from raised suits.

Medical costs coverage

This pays for the medical expenses for people injured within your property during the time of peril. The more the people within your property, the higher the cost of medical expenses. This coverage helps unburden you the financial stress of paying unplanned medical bills for others.

US Independent Insurance Agency LLC is a reputable insurance provider. Our agents are excellent at offering top customer service. They will guide you on choosing the ideal coverage options for your home insurance policy. Visit our website today to get a free quote on your home insurance.